Soul in Love

Although I pour my soul in love
But it doesn’t mean to fall in love
Nor to make love

Love is something glorious
Love is something universal
Love is something we feel deep inside

Love is more than falling in love
Love is more than making love

I want to fall in love in universal way
I believe not so many people understand the way
Coz paradigm and openness will lead to that way

Love is all about paradigm
Love is all about mindset
Love is all about openess
Love is all about honesty
Love is all about trust

The words of I love you
– is not the meaning of falling in love

The words of I love you
– is not meaning of a wish to make love

Throw away the narrow meanings about love
Also the degraded meaning on love
Never give bad name to love

Love is spirituality
Will lead us to eternity
In glorious universal infinity

I love you all guys
I love you all girls

I will love you in this way
Not an ordinary way
May be not a simple way
But deep in spirituality way

Let’s paint the world
– with glorious love


:: with DM


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