the old wall inside me

There is an old wall
– deep inside me

It was there to call
– try to kill me

The wall of timeline
The wall of stories
The wall of happiness
The wall of sadness
The wall of craziness
The wall of emptiness
The wall of fear
The wall of tears

The wall of energy
The wall of graffiti
The wall of bravery
The wall of consistency
The wall of hypocrisy
The wall of heart tyranny

The wall of spirit
The wall of scream
The wall of love
The wall of you and me

Some people dare
Used to write there
Just like a nightmare

They leaved all kind
– things behind
Things made me blind

Deep inside me
All inside me
– but never really hurt me

There is an old wall
But never old enough to stall
– to hold the stories of all

There was a dark sky
– above the wall

There were lots of tears
– streaming on the wall

There was a love
– in front of the wall

It is nothing
Although you see something
The bell is ringing
The words are calling
From the wall to the ceiling
My heart keeps on rocking
The wall prevent me from falling

There is an old wall
Deep inside me
All about me

(Ubud, Bali – 26/10/2016)


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