you are a woman in blue

hey, who are you, woman in blue?
i saw you dancing here long time ago
when the techno music drill us to trance
i should remember you, but who?

blue! blue! blue!
like roses in gothic garden
shall we continue our dance?
not yet finished yet while in trance

step by step on the stage
i know the feeling is not a fake

hear the DJ with the techno music
but you are in blue with style of classic
and everything become so wicked!

there is a black rose on your skin
under your dark blue long dress and veil within
the symbol of beauty for a queen

i want you! i need you!
i am writing this poem for you
with all feeling that so blue

hey you! a woman in blue
does this poem mean something for you?

(under the rain in jakarta, 12/01/2016)


4 thoughts on “you are a woman in blue

  1. Wow…. its nice. You are telling about your imagination perfectly. I can feel a passion here, i can hear the beating of your heart. Hahaha.. amazing poem
    Love it.

  2. Woman in blue
    Without dancing singing
    Without DJ and techno music
    She Blue style, with adenium at ear
    Woman in blue heart, live and all poetry

    Nice brother #
    Woman in blue

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