blues for the queen

There was a Queen
Somewhere above the sky
She had the universe in hand
She had the music of life
The blues of destiny
The song of darkness

One day a young man came to the Queen
Showed his respect and praise
With all heart of peace and harmony
Then he played blues for the queen

The blues hacked Her soul
Then She danced above the sky
– dancing with the blues
– dancing with Her lust

The young man smiled
– but keep playing the blues
He made the Queen in trance
Yes, the Queen was in trance!

Blues to the queen
– was poison to her soul!

Then she steal his soul!
“You stupid young man!” said the Queen
“I had the power of universe!”
“I am the Queen of all!”

Darkness will be immortal
Oh God!
Blues for the Queen
– will not poisoned her
It sent her the energy and power

She is dancing until now
– with the other blues to the Queen
– with dark power on Her hands

Darkness will never end
– until time collapse on Her hand

(Jakarta – 04/06/2015)


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