one night in bangkok

sitting by the petchburi road
under the colorful midnight
several cars on the road
it is my one night in bangkok

may be you won’t believe
that it was a long story
recall the memory
the flashback of many years
when murray head said one night in bangkok
made me viewed the city of imagination

i am sitting here alone
by the empty petchburi road
the imagination is dancing
the story of you and me
i hear nothing but silence
may be murray head was wrong
there is no angel sliding closer to me
nor any devil walking next to me

yes, it is like a chess game
like you said so many years to me
from the muddy river of chao paraya
next to the temple of wat arun
along the the road of sukhumvit
until the empty night of petchburi

and still, i can hear the song
i am here with you tonight
and telling you, this is my story
about my one night in bangkok

(petchburi road – bangkok, once upon midnight)


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